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Land on your First Job in Cybersecurity​​

We train and hire people who have an interest in cybersecurity. When you apply to CWF-365, you are applying for a three-to-six-month program where you will be required to work on enterprise-level, real-world projects contracted by top companies. You will develop and build your resume and job portfolio while pursuing an upskill and free training program. Industry certifications are just part of the full benefits of our program. You can defer payment of your tuition until after your first job.

How Our On-the-Job Training & Professional Development Program Works


Apply for Training

Fill out a short application and answer few questions to see if you are a good fit for our programs.


Get Hands-on Training

Work on real-world projects and attain one of the prestigious cybersecurity certifications!


Prep for your Dream Job

We'll help with the development of your resume. We will submit your resume to top employers. We will set up your mock interviews, negotiate salary, provide mentorship and more.

What do you get from Our Programs ?

Real World Projects

The projects you will be required to work on are real consulting and enterprise-level projects. They are projects that can be applied in real-world business and technology. When you enroll in a three-to-six-month program, you will learn and build actual industry experience.

Customized Hands-on Training

Our hands-on program is designed based on the most needed skills required by the DOD cybersecurity workforce framework and cybersecurity job market. With the inputs from our business partners, we teach our students skills that are vital to their organization. That means we preparestudents to work in the real world, instead of following theoretical concepts.

Job and Professional Mentorship & Support

We invest in your success. When you enroll in our program, you will have one of our professional development coaches to support and provide you with a wide range of job assistance until you are employed. As a CWF-365 student and recruit, you will have access to our network of peers who can share withyouprofessional experiences to ensure you succeed in your cyber career.

custom cybersecurity training in united states

Learn our 3-stage training and recruitment process 

Apply/Get Enrolled

Enroll through our website. If your application is accepted, we will call you for an interview through phone or zoom. Here, we will tell you more about what skills you will be learning, the industry certifications you want, and your career goals. successful applicants will be notified in three days. 

Get Training & Experience

We will host you remotely or at one of our training centers, where you will go through an intensive and customized 4 to 24 week upskill program, learning the skills and working on real consulting projects that set you on your cybersecurity career journey. We sponsoryou to get one of the industry certifications.

Get Hired

After you have completed our training, you will be posted to one of our clients and begin working in your chosen field in cybersecurity.

What Organizations get from our Upskill & Training Program

Custom training for all

Custom Cybersecurity Training for your Organisation

We create talent pools that are custom trained to meet your information and cybersecurity needs, and business goals. We work with you to provide cybersecurity professionals with hard-to-find skills.

Eliminate Attrition

We do contract you highly skilled professionals.  We ensure that our recruits are committed to the success of your organization for the entire duration of your project, with no drop-off of resources and no time or money lost due to attrition.

Cost-Effective Hiring Strategy

Our hiring model eliminates your costs for hiring and retaining skilled cyber-talents. We provide nationwide deployment and relocation, thereby removing the burden from your human resource office.

Recruitment Solutions

CWF-365 eliminates cyber talent and skill gaps by putting students through intensive hands-on and professional development training in the latest in-demand, enterprise-level and next-gen technologies. So organizations do not need to.

custom cybersecurity training in united states

Apply Now

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  • Size less than 5MB

custom cybersecurity training in united states
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