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Cyber Security IT Recruitment Agencies in United States | CWF-365


We help people to find their dream job in cybersecurity without the upfront cost. Just enroll and take our training. We will find you job after your training. You will pay your tuition after you secure your first job.

"Cyber Security IT Recruitment Agencies in United States | CWF-365"

Cyber Security IT Recruitment Agencies in United States

Why Choose Us?


CyberWorkforce 365 manages your cybersecurity talent recruitment and development process, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. We recruit the best talent, upskill and custom train them in the DOD's cybersecurity specialties and skills that matter to your organization. We then deploy them directly into your organization, ready to hit the ground running.


Our apprenticeship type of cyber talent development enables us to recruit, train and place experienced security professionals to meet your specific cyber workforce needs and targeted goals. We invest in our recruits, providing them with the latest enterprise-level training in cybersecurity.

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Benefits that you will Recieve

Custom Cybersequrity Training for your Organisation

We create talent pools that are custom trained to meet your information and cybersecurity needs, and business goals. We work with you to provide cybersecurity professionals with hard-to-find skills.

Eliminate Attrition

We train and contract you, high skilled professionals.  We ensure that our recruits are committed to the success of your organization for the entire duration of your project, with no drop-off of resources and no time or money lost due to attrition.

Cost-Effective Hiring Strategy

Our hiring model eliminates your costs for hiring, training, and retaining skilled cyber-talents. We provide nationwide deployment and relocation, thereby removing the burden from your human resource office.

Recruitment Solutions

CWF-365 eliminates cyber talent and skill gaps by putting students through intensive hands-on and professional development training in the latest in-demand, enterprise-level and next-gen technologies. So organizations do not need to.

Our Free Training and Job Placement Program


Apply for Training

Fill out a short application and answer few questions to see if you are a good fit for our programs.


Get Hands-on Training

Work on real-world projects and attain one of the prestigious cybersecurity certifications!


Prep for your Dream Job

We'll help with the development of your resume. We will submit your resume to top employers. We will set up your mock interviews, negotiate salary, provide mentorship and more.


Pay Tuition When Employed

We allow you to delay your training fees until you land a job that gives you at least an annual salary of $30,000/year. You pay only 10% of your gross salary for just 12 months.

Cyber Security IT Recruitment Agencies in United States | CWF-365

We’re Reliable & Cost Efficient Upskill &  Recruitment Agency !


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Team Experts

Outsourced Upskill and Recruitment Services

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Upskill Cyber Workforce

CWF-365 delivers custom-tailored and hands-on skills in advanced cybersecurity practices that meet your business needs. That is the hallmark of our business. CWF-365 works closely with your team to identify your cyber workforce needs. CWF-365 then provides you with a custom-trained curriculum exactly when and where your employees need it.

CWF-365 pays for the training, providing you with qualified, experienced, and skillful cyber professionals.

Our apprenticeship type of cyber talent development enables us to recruit, train and place experienced security professionals to meet your specific cyber workforce needs and targeted goals.

Recruitment Services


Our recruitment has specialized in all seven categories of the cybersecurity workforce. Our team understands the workforce needs of various industries. We provide to our clients high-quality professionals and are ready to meet the demands of their cybersecurity needs.

Our values guide everything we do, and professional ethics- the client’s best interest comes first.

CyberWorkforce365 takes pride in assisting organizations to protect, secure, and defend their organizations through the supply. At the same time, we help our candidates find their fulfilling job to enjoy their chosen lifestyles.

Student Security Operations


We provide our students with real security operations center experience at our student's security operations center. Students can learn remotely or in person. Students are given activities that simulate real consulting and business operations. Students graduate with advanced skills in at least one of the specialties of DOD’s cybersecurity workforce framework.

How we Train our Students 

Live/Online Training

CWF-365 has taken its existing Virtual Class lessons to the next level- successfully combining the most desirable attributes of instructor-led classroom training and online training. Our virtual live training enhances the learning experience for employees while embedding knowledge, skills, and assertiveness. Our virtual live training enables our training team to reach a much larger audience than is feasible with face-to-face training and in a shorter amount of time.

Live/Onsite Training

We train students at our newly built security operations center. Students are exposed given the opportunity to work on real consulting projects. Students with as individuals and as a team to complete daily tasks in specialized areas such as cyber threat intelligence, malware analysis, security assessment, software testing, and software testing.

Project-Based Learning

Students are assigned to work on multiple projects in a small class or at our cybersecurity center in our project-based class. The project works are custom and tailored training that prepares learners for available positions opened by our clients.

Our Program vs. College / University Degree

We have a tuition deferment plan with a refundable enrollment fee. Learners pay only when they get a job,

Our Training

1 to 6 Months Hands-on Training

Land on a Job in 3 to 6 Months after Enrollment

Advanced Real World Project Activities 

Recieve at lease one Industry Certificaton at No Cost

Job Coaching and Professional Development Mentorship

Exceptional Career Services

College Training

Huge Student Loans

4+ Years of School

No Job Guarantees

No Hands-on Projects

No Mentorship

Most Professors don't have Industry Experience

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